Different types of acne (clinical variants)

There is no acne but Acnes. We thus find a fairly extensive terminology to describe the different forms of the disease. Doctors have created relatively specific terms to facilitate the description of a particular form of acne.   Bromic Acne: it is acne worse or caused by drugs or substances containing applications bromide derivatives. Generally, all metals halogens (bromine, fluorine, […]

Acne Cyst

¬† How You Release Definitely Acne Acne is a common disease, often overlooked (at least initially) by the young, often seen by parents as a necessary adolescence. Just as some skin disorders, acne varies depending on the case, from the lightest to the most serious. Acne is typically characterized by the frequency of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, and cysts on […]

Benefits of Nature for Acne

How to cure acne naturally? Essential oils of citrus Blemished skin is often fragile and sensitive. They resent environmental changes and treatments against acne, usually aggressive, reinforce this weakness. There are some essential oils that can help you succeed in fighting acne without you do not suffer the side effects of drugs that are currently available. The benefits of essential […]