Cystic pimples

Cystic pimples

Cystic acne pimplesCystic pimples differ from the usual type of bud in that they are much larger and more painful than usual. A bud cystic may be as large as 5 mm or more in diameter. A variety seems more troubling lumps under the skin. Although they are produced by the same processes that cause surface buttons (excessive oil production), they cannot be seen and reached easily.


Basically, a cyst is a pocket of fluid accumulation. Although all the buttons fall into this category, cystic pimples are usually caused by infection and tighten them may cause the problem to spread to surrounding tissues. Once confirmed cystic origin, treatment must necessarily be left to a good dermatologist.


Buttons cystic illegal are often linked to unhealthy lifestyles, most especially an unbalanced diet, high fat intake combined with insufficient water. Most doctors recommend that starchy foods rich in sugar and loaded with cholesterol and most dairy products are strictly reduced if the problem persists. These should be replaced by the abundance of fruits and vegetables. These dietary changes were noted for bringing a decline in long-term cystic pimples.


Adequate water intake is very important, since water flushes toxins from the body. Cystic pimples are not naturally, and it must be assumed that some toxins are involved. In addition, an adequate supply of water will maintain the natural balance of skin moisture and prevent excessively abnormal oil production.


Other lifestyle changes may be called for if the person lives a stressful life. Again, there is no scientifically documented evidence linking cystic pimples (or any type) with the stress, but that does not preclude the fact that they occur much more frequently in people who obtain little or no exercise, recreation or other activities methises known. And, like all other types of buttons, skin hygiene overstated.