Grandmother Recipes for Acne

Grandmother Recipes for Acne

Against acne treatments that really work

Grandmother Recipes for Acne

Acne pimples are a chronic disease of the skin and can be experienced difficulty. But there are different types of treatment available to date in the fight against acne.

They have a cleansing action, healing, hormones, etc… And do not forget the remedies of grandmother

General information about acne treatment

Regarding acne, boys are affected permanently. The girls, they are victims intermittently, depending on the hormonal changes of menstruation, due to hygiene, stress, environment, diet, etc…

This is why in the female hormone therapy is necessary for treatment against acne.

It must be through eviction triggers and aggravating such as the sun, handling buttons, friction and prolonged contact with the hair, etc… Another important point is to clean the skin.

Some treatments against acne require mandatory contraception and some contraceptives may promote improvement. But there are others that may aggravate the situation.

However, the key is to consult a doctor who can prescribe the proper treatment with the correct dosage and duration necessary.

The types of treatments available

Treatments available today to treat acne have a cleansing action, healing and hormone on the skin.

  • The anti-acne cleansers:

At first, they can fight against the imperfections of the skin. This is a very important step, as they ensure the correction of impurities resulting from the phenomenon of acne.

  • The bactericidal anti-acne and anti-inflammatory

They may take the form of creams, lotions, gels or tablets. It is especially benzoyl peroxide as the Brevoxyl the Cutacnyl the Eclaran the Effacne … and topical antibiotics or oral clindamycin as the Stragen the Dalacin the Erythromycin, but also zinc. This helps regulate hyperseborrhoea, inflammation and scarring.

The anti-acne healing:

Products containing vitamin A are the most used, such as retinoids. They are found in the epidermis cream the Differin, the Locacid, Roaccutane, etc… They are especially recommended for their healing power.

The anti-acne hormonal

They are made of estrogen or progestin used in the fight against high hormonal activity responsible for the appearance of acne.

Treatment “remedies grandmother” against acne

There is remedies grandmother it is possible to try for a treatment against acne. The ice, the tab toothpaste, cinnamon and honey are very popular old remedies.

Plants, vegetables and herbs such as lemon, are employed in the form of juice, mixed with other substances such as glycerol or milk.

Parsley is used fresh and as juice, put it directly on the buttons. Cucumber applies for 15 minutes and helps tighten pores.

Basil can be spread with cotton for treating rashes. Tomato, it can be rested for fifteen minutes on the face and helps reduce blackheads.

There is other remedies grandmother as pulp red plums, added to the sulfur powder and lemon juice.