3 Methods of treating cystic acne

3 Methods of treating cystic acne


One thing that most people have in common is the fact that, at some point in their lives, they either have, had or will have trouble with acne. Many people think that acne is something that is usually found on the face, but in fact, it can be annoying on your rear area as well.

Cystic acne is a severe form of acne vulgaris. Proliferation fracture deep burning in the face and other body parts. This is because, if the blockage of pores also infected by bacteria. Cystic acne is painful in many cases and often lead to scarring of the skin. For the treatment of cystic acne, there are several options available, including natural remedies, homeopathic medicines and antibiotics. Own method for clear skin acne treatment is necessary.

To get rid of acne cysts, three good options available treatments allopathic, homeopathic remedies and natural home. All three options are explained below:

A) Effective Natural Remedies: Some natural remedies to treat cystic acne are:

1) A paste made by mixing turmeric, sandalwood and neem is also a good remedy for cystic acne because turmeric has antibacterial properties and helps to clear cystic acne.

2) Other natural remedies for acne skin as oil and tea tree Aloe Vera juice may be responsible for the mild form of cystic acne.

3) Such as oranges and grapefruits, salicylic acid, which is very effective for treating cystic acne? Juice must be dried pulp and the pulp can then be directly on the skin.

Many of these natural remedies, people who want to get rid of acne cysts should refrain from pressing of acne. It should not be smooth low-fat foods such as vegetables, vegetables, cabbage, etc. For a good skin vitamins A and D are also essential.

B) Homeopathy: Homeopathic remedies are often prescribed for the treatment of cystic acne and arnica or silica. Since it is believed that homeopathic medicines to tackle the root causes of the problem and not the end, homeopathic treatment can be very effective acne cysts crumble. However, you should take these homeopathic medicines by a single physician.

C) Allopathic drugs such as antibiotics are a topical medication or oral. There are several medications that can be purchased over the counter. Topical antibiotics, such as retinol and benzoyl peroxide to help eliminate bacterial infections in the pores and hair follicles. The oral treatment of cystic acne is taken in the form of basic training in the doxycycline, erythromycin and tetracycline. However, before starting any medication, it is important to understand the side effects.

If cystic acne is severe, normal antibiotics will not solve the problem. Accutane can be prescribed to treat severe cystic acne. It is a very effective antibiotic, which can cause cystic acne bacterial infection. However, the drug has many side effects, which can, in the form of depression, poor child during pregnancy, headaches, joint pain and many other side effects.

Many of us can relate experiences where we spent tons of money on chemicals that do not get rid of our terrible acne. Yet we have long forgotten that often the best way to get rid of acne can be done with natural remedies. They take less time, easy to follow, cheaper and without side effects.