Treatment of acne cyst
Treatment Against Mild Acne

Treatment Against Mild Acne

Treatment against mild acne

Have acne, whether you are adolescent or adult, is never something easy to live with. Many people live this time and inconvenience as inevitable, but many treatments are available and can reduce or even eliminate acne fast and durable, especially under mild acne.

What mild acne?

As its name suggests, mild acne is a type of skin disorder which has no significant lesions. It consists of comedones (blackheads or commonly called) and papules. Generally considered mild acne is included for those with less than twenty buttons on the face and blow.

Treatments for Skin

To permanently cure your acne, it is highly recommended to opt for care products adapted to your skin type, and even more stick daily. It is the regularity and consistency of treatment that will be responsible for the success of treatment. Firstly, there are cleansing products, exfoliating, moisturizing different forms: lotions, creams, gels, toners … We must choose the texture you prefer, maintain and ensure the continuous hydration of the epidermis. Acne-prone skin does not necessarily mean fat, it is therefore information to define the type of skin: dry, sensitive, combination to oily … care products aim to soothe the skin, because if it is too irritated the result will be to stimulate the secretion of sebum and thus make the skin oilier and with more imperfections than before.

Products that improve the quality of the skin have different operating frequencies because of their actions. Some must be used daily as gel cleanser, tonic, moisturizer, while others should be used weekly. This is the case for example care exfoliation and cleansing masks. An occasional and ad hoc, are treated too visible imperfections using patch or roll on anti buttons, applied directly to the button that you want to remove.

The formulas used

Some substances are regularly used to treat mild acne. The three following are found in most of the ingredients in products treating skin prone to acne.

Benzoyl peroxide: its action to reduce levels of bacteria responsible for the development of inflammation of the skin due to excessive secretion of sebum, which the bacteria feed. It also dries the skin care products containing it are for the most part without a prescription.

Salicylic acid: This material is used to get rid of the dead cells and impurities that settle in the pores of the skin and its surface. It prevents the appearance of blackheads on the skin.

Sulfur and resorcinol: both are mostly used in combination to treat acne skin. They aim to reduce the secretion of sebum and eliminate dead skin.

The other treatments:

Finally, we may use herbal treatments to reduce the acne. Care essential oils (tea tree, for example) are often taken to treat acne lesions. Cures for yeast or oat bran are used to diminish facial imperfections. Regarding traditional treatments include burdock (root), the remedies of Chinese medicine and a diet less rich in fatty and salty foods.

I do not know too obviously recommend you look at these natural treatments. Although in some unknown reason, the secrets grandmother often works … The observation is necessarily good for mild acne but we’ll probably in a future post. C.B