Adult acne treatment

Adult acne treatment

How to Treat Acne adults: Tips for a Perfect Skin

Adult acne treatmentBecause in the spring it’s not just the flowers that bud…

We tackle the difficult issue of buttons, and especially adult acne.

I am one of the fortunate who, in her thirties, still suffer from small (or big) buttons for the most hormonal.

There are treatments to eradicate these buttons, but on my side it was quite disastrous, it heals on one side and something else that falter on the other. Anyway I decided to switch back to something softer. Above all, we must admit that the treatments “oral” buttons rarely eradicate, once treatment is stopped the problems return.

The causes of adult acne

Then you should know that make matters worse, more women than men are affected by adult acne, the fault to hormones of course much more difficult to stabilize among us.

That said adult acne is usually less severe than teenage acne.

Note that the adult acne can affect people who do not have severe acne during adolescence

Here are various causes:

  • Hormonally
  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Unsuitable cosmetics
  • Drug-induced

The role of diet

What about food? This is an urban legend! It has not been proven so far that diet plays a role in acne. Phew, we’re going to eat our Easter eggs unhurriedly! By treatments against acne are less effective in smokers than non-smokers: the skin does not receive the same benefits as dermatological treatments.

How to fight against adult acne: Find perfect skin

Already make a hormonal balance with your doctor. If you take the pill a small change can solve this problem very quickly. If despite appropriate pill you are still small buttons, proceed to the next phase.

How to fight against acne if you are pregnant?

I’m not an expert, read the manuals of the products above! Rubozinc is the only oral drug against acne be allowed during pregnancy. Moreover they advised pregnant women with hormonal acne in Issue Nursery.

We struggle against the urge to fiddle with buttons

Apply care yes, no fiddling. Scratch pimples can cause inflammation, delayed healing, and above all it can leave marks! Envy is sometimes great but you really have to remember.


The buttons of adult acne are often localized to the chin.

So avoid at all costs “contaminate” the area. It touches the chin sometimes mechanically when we think or we pressed when we sat down, we must eradicate these little bad habits.

Always have a gel sanitizer to keep your hands as clean as possible (after transport, during a long drive …).

Cosmetic side it is the same we do not compromise on hygiene. It cleans his brushes every day (and yes), if there are creams on pot meets hygiene flawless: very clean hands or small spatula to remove the cream.

We prefer airless pump bottles as much as possible. Just the fact of getting rid of these little bad habits can greatly improve the lives of your skin.

Cosmetics against pimples

Often too aggressive, forget supermarket products that dry out your skin.

Hand cleaning soap is forgotten and the loaves sugars favors. We avoid alcohol based products that excite the production of sebaceous glands, by cons can use and abuse of the thermal waters and floral waters.


It may very well continue to makeup! Simply avoids the cosmetic oil base, and are selected non-comedogenic.

Side foundation is chosen mineral or a light foundation and adapted.

Products that work (on me) to fight against pimples

I said well “on me,” because we are not all in the same boat. For a long time I used Precious Water, which worked miracles on a friend, and although no miracle on me!

By cons here are products that I have helped many to see the end of the problem (even if it comes with time … I still mastering much better!