7 Darn Good Bronzers For A Glowier Summer

You may have heard of virtue signaling, where people publicly support a social cause to boast their moral clout. But what about vacation signaling? Your skin gets glowy, hydrated, and sun-kissed, broadcasting that you’ve just returned from some r&r in a beautiful, anywhere-but-here locale. The best part is (and come in close now): you don’t even need to go on […]

Kehlani’s New Two-Toned Hair Color Makes Them Look Like a Hot Cruella De Vil — See Photos

California-based singer Kehlani typically lives their best life as a brunette. Though their hair color has stayed true to the natural shade — minus a period where they had honey blonde highlights — they rarely hesitate to switch up the styling. (Some examples: their naturally curly bob, a slicked-back ponytail). But looks like 2021 is the year she’s decided to […]

What Houses In Your Birth Chart Mean and How to Find Them

Getty Images The Sixth House of Health The Sixth House corresponds with health, wellness, and daily routines, including odd jobs. Where the body you’re born with exists in the First House, the choices made over a lifetime create the body found in your Sixth House. Naturally, our environment and life choices affect our health, such as self-care, having a good […]

22 Best Vitamin C Serums of 2021 for Brighter Skin — Reviews

Here’s the lowdown on how to subscribe to Allure’s print edition for more beauty routines, recommendations, and features. Want brighter, tighter, and, overall better-looking skin? There’s an ingredient for that: vitamin C. The powerhouse skin-care staple is a potent antioxidant that helps reduce skin inflammation and irregular pigmentation while promoting healthy collagen production, explains Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical […]

Megan Thee Stallion Wears Color-Blocked Ombrè Wig in Nike Campaign  — See Photos

When Megan Thee Stallion first entered the mainstream rap scene in 2019, she cemented her popularity with her clever rhymes, sickening colorful wigs, and even a catchphrase that’s been used (and abused) into oblivion. In just two years, the rapper has racked up three Grammy Awards, graced several high-profile magazine covers, and even secured a couple of brand campaigns — […]

Jensen Ackles Has Much Longer Hair In This Teaser for “The Boys” — See Photo

We know men’s grooming isn’t exactly our specialty here at Allure, but when a celebrity man’s haircut breaks the whole damn internet… well, it’s simply our prerogative to join in on the thirst bandwagon. On June 7, actor Jensen Ackles revealed his highly anticipated character Solider Boy from the upcoming third season of The Boys — and nobody’s OK. Not […]

Synchronized Swimmers Share Their Best Waterproof Makeup Tips

“Make Up For Ever has a product called Aqua Seal that can be mixed with eyeshadow to make it waterproof,” Colona says. …and Use Vaseline in a Pinch Vaseline Original 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant If you can’t get your hands on some Aqua Seal, Colona suggests an affordable dupe you probably have in your medicine cabinet or bag […]

24 LGBTQIA+ Black Beauty Creators to Follow on Instagram

Whenever Arrows tests out imaginative new makeup looks between shoots and projects, they share the results for all to enjoy. However, even their bare-faced photos are a joy to see.  @sebastianrosemarie/Instagram Welcome to the account of your Tumblr teen fantasies. Model Sebastian Rosemarie dreams up pastel, cartoon-infused looks you’ll wish you could reblog. @nikkicallowayy/Instagram Based in Orange County, Nikki often […]

32 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair — See Photos

Find yourself on any number of wedding blogs or Pinterest boards and you’ll probably see back-to-back images of brides in pretty white dresses with medium-length to long hair. And while flowing waves are certainly a lovely option, it’s 2021: Some of us simply don’t subscribe to such a narrow representation of beauty. And despite the relative dearth of wedding inspiration […]