Banana peels against acne

Banana peels against acne

Bananas help a lot in the fight against acne because of its capacity in potassium and antioxidants found in the skin.

They have the ability to significantly reduce skin irritation, swelling and redness, as well as reduce the visibility of scars.


How does it works?


  • Eat a ripe banana,


  • Cut the skin into small pieces (about 2 cm).


  • Rub the inside of the skin gently on the irritated area. Rub for about 5 minutes or until the inside of the skin turns brown.


  • Let dry banana on the irritated area, or with acne do its magic.


Repeat at least three times daily.

Apply daily to visibly reduce your acne. You will be surprised by the fast results and glorious and clear skin.

In fact, you will see the first results overnight.

Good luck!!