Causing nodular Acne

Causing nodular Acne

Causing nodular Acne, what causes Cystic acne on the chin?

Nodular acne type of acne where there is acne passing through the stage of nodule formation in the absence of treatment

Or at the end of this treatment, but still there are still many options to know and deal with him so he can heal right way

Cystic acne on chin always the case when the acne does not respond to treatment, which leads to the elimination of the formation of cysts on the face

Acne is a skin problem that most commonly affects boys and girls at the age of 14 and 19 and sometimes affects people under 30

It is a chronic skin disorder that affects both male and female and being on the face, back, shoulders and chest. It can be mild and sometimes severe, and treatment options are a bit like creams and pills, doctors can choose a lot depending on the type of acne .

The causes of acne:

Many causes may be the problem, but with hormonal changes affect men and women in the age of adolescence and we can conclude:

– Hormonal changes of two girls and boys that affect the sebaceous glands

– Increased production of sebum, and then closing the passage of the

Phase with inflammation of the sebaceous glands –

– Genetic factors that many families can get acne, but not all

– Pre-menstrual changes that reflect hormonal changes

– Emotional stress can increase inflammation of acne

– Sweating problems especially in the area affected with acne

– The pressure on the face with the hands can increase acne

– Use of chemicals and substances containing oil makeup can increase acne

– Drugs such as steroids can cause acne

Types of acne:

Acne has many types and the most common is of 2 types:

– Inflammatory acne

– The non-inflammatory acne

The non-inflammatory acne is the one that people say, blackheads and white heads

Inflammatory acne is what people say mild, moderate and severe

Lesions of acne:

In acne, we can see many terms and names such as papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. Other terms are open and closed comedones that appear on the face and nose and can also spread to the back and shoulders will be burning those

Sebaceous glands and acne:

Acne and sebum is one of the important relationships between what happens in this skin problem and you must know the sebum which is a complex mixture of lipids containing free fatty acids, cholesterol esters, wax. This sebum has many functions in our body as protection against fungal infection of the skin and skin hydration.

Where can you see acne in your body?

Acne can be found in many body sites such as the face is the most common place to see acne on the back of the body has spread over large area and, shoulders and chest have the acne no face, but few back acne

The diagnosis of acne:

Acne can be diagnosed by your dermatologist through the signs of it or laboratory diagnosis of acne and should be distinguished from many diseases such as Rosacea, zinc deficiency, milia, and pseudofolliculitis beard and dermatitis perioral

Acne Treatment:

Acne treatment depends on many things like where is acne, types of acne cases speaker and spread of acne. Acne treatment has many options and methods available in the market such as creams, pills and laser

Natural remedies and home:

There are many options such as tea tree oil and honey are used in acne lesions and help to fight against acne and inflammatory acne bacteria, the use of natural treatment depends the situation and the need for patient