Different types of acne (clinical variants)

There is no acne but Acnes. We thus find a fairly extensive terminology to describe the different forms of the disease. Doctors have created relatively specific terms to facilitate the description of a particular form of acne.


Bromic Acne: it is acne worse or caused by drugs or substances containing applications bromide derivatives. Generally, all metals halogens (bromine, fluorine, chlorine, iodine) can trigger acne. The medical examination is essential in their research.


Keloid Acne: Acne that gets its name from its development to the production of keloid scars. There are the scars of this type rather on the edges of the mandibles, neck, upper back and the front of the sternum. Keloid scars are difficult to treat.


Acne conglobata: Strict form, this rather Acne affects young men and has extensive lesions (papules, pustules, or even abscess). It often leads to the production of large unsightly scars.


The girls excoriated acne: acne lesions sometimes occur in the minimum phase regression acne trivial readily localized to the chin, exacerbated by pinching or pressure causing hyperpigmentation and scars star.


Acne fulminans: Shape very rare (but serious) inflammatory acne very profuse in necrotic changes affecting more frequently adolescents. General symptoms are often associated with symptoms such as fever, weight loss, arthralgia, myalgia, accompanied by changes in white blood cells.


The induced acne: Acne caused by contact with various chemicals including ointments and cosmetics, oils, chlorinated hydrocarbons and tars. It can be an occupational disease.


Mechanical Acne: It is found on the sites of trauma (repeated shock, vibration, micro trauma): chin violinists, friction in greenhouses headers and bras.


Cystic Acne: A form of severe acne characterized by deep lesions involving comedones, papules, but mostly painful indurated nodules.


Acne Picea: found in areas in contact with the tarmac. This can sometimes cause blackheads and inflammatory lesions.


Steroid Acne: caused by oral or topical corticosteroids or doping substance. It may also involve abnormal production on natural steroids within certain endocrine diseases.