Cystic Acne on Chin

Acne on the chin is often much more difficult to get rid of acne on your forehead or on the sides of your nose. There are several ways to get rid of acne on the chin, and you may not even be aware that your own habits lead to zit developments in this field.


What is chin acne?

Chin acne “characteristics” of a number of different types of acne. First, you have your buttons on average. They are white crawl up few and are generally quite small. They are the most tempting to pick at least, if I can put it that way.

Then there pustules, those have a little more sebum and pus-like fluid in them. They may be more inflamed than regular buttons, and they probably evil.

Finally cysts, these are very common case for your acne breakouts on the chin, but they are still very painful. They are almost impossible to pop, as you cannot even get a bite on the top Whitehead.

How do you get chin acne?

You get chin acne in a number of ways, but perhaps the most likely rubbing against it and rest your chin on your hands. It might seem unlikely, but believe me, irritation and pressure is enough to cause back acne.
Then there are hormones to blame. Acne on the chin is often stimulated during a girl or woman and during peak hormone levels, or during ovulation. Men tend to fluctuate less, but it is particularly high if you are going through puberty or moderate to severe adult acne.

How can you get rid of chin acne?

Do not be surprised if you find that your cleanser and regular applications of benzoyl peroxide does not work with acne on the chin. It is difficult to get rid of them.
You may need to appoint a doctor for a prescription drug such as retinol or tretinoin creams, higher doses of benzoyl peroxide, tetracycline or birth control pills. I do not necessarily recommend taking the road by prescription, but it is sometimes the only thing that works.
You can also try to stop touching your chin so. Apply some spot treatments, then let it dry and keep your legs! Just make sure you sleep on a pillow, you do not care, as it may stain.