Information on Cystic Acne

Scientific research could not reach unanimous explanation of the causes of cystic acne: hormonal imbalances, accumulation of dirt in the pores, age, pregnancy and post-change else been identified to date.


Some experts even claim that cystic acne is influenced by heredity, which makes some people genetically predisposed to develop this skin disease. It should be mentioned that acne is not a chronic disease, but a temporary phase, and with treatment and proper care, they can be cured and eliminated. The mistake made by many people is to press the buttons unsightly and painful, without knowing that they may thus have permanent scars.


A problem often encountered is the lack of effectiveness of many ointments sold for the treatment of cystic acne. The explanation of the problem is the inability of these topical products to treat damaged skin. In addition, cystic acne also causes the formation of pits skin remains as permanent scarring in the tissues. Acne as such develops when the pores are clogged and blackheads form, without proper treatment the condition could worsen especially when people do not know how to take care of their skin in such circumstances.


Cystic acne takes its name from cysts that form under the red pustules. Given the fact that this type of acne is more severe, a therapeutic approach will be equally intense. Chemicals and drugs are used in order to reduce the number of pustules and cysts in the shortest possible time. An example of a product is benzoyl peroxide, topical medication with a severe impact on the skin. The request must be made on prescription and follow the instructions.


A fairly common error in the treatment of cystic acne is the removal of skin oils since acne is even worse. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics when the thrust of acne is very intense and difficult to control with topical. Cystic acne usually appears on the face and may have different severity from one individual to another. Exfoliation, for example, is widely practiced for phasing cysts. This is actually a form similar to steam treatment which has so far been a great success among other cosmetic products.