Natural treatment against acne

Natural treatment against acne :

The skin is often faced with different problems such as acne. And to solve this problem, the natural treatment against acne has always brought good results. It is also often advisable to opt for grandmother remedies, which prove to be effective.

Acne remedy and grandmother

To better treat acne grandma remedies proved effective in general. If this is not the case, the risk of allergies is at least minimized. In addition, we do not have to spend a large sum of money. You just need to know the techniques.

The particularity remedies grandmother is that they are mostly based on natural substances such as tomatoes, potatoes, lemons or the various plants and herbs.

1. The mints

These are plant substances that have virtues highly prevalent for skin care.

Acne is one. For best results, it can be used with either turmeric or only one. In both cases, the mint leaves are crushed to obtain the liquid. This mixture is then applied to treat the damaged area.

It is especially recommended for use at night, no more than 30 minutes.


2. The lemon

Due to its composition acid, lemon provides benefits for the treatment of skin affected by acne. The lemon juice mixed with rose water. In this remedy, the proportion of the two elements is the same. Lemon can also be added to boiled milk.


If you do not have rose water or milk, peanut oil can always be replaced. The technique is similar to rose water.

3. The rose water

To have a clean and smooth skin, and finish with acne and blackheads, rose water gives good results. It cleanses the skin deeply and thoroughly.

4. Milk

The milk makes it easy to fight against acne mixed with about a teaspoon of sandalwood and turmeric. The coconut milk can also be used as a cleansing lotion.

5. The tomatoes

Very effective for oily skin, these fruits are also advised to solve different skin problems.

Note that there are many more effective ways to overcome various diseases that reach the skin including the use of crushed basil, for example.

Limits of natural remedies against acne

Natural remedies often prove effective and provide positive results. However, this efficiency is still limited in some cases.

The first constraint is that the so-called grandmother remedies sometimes against the indication of specialists and doctors. There is overdose or under dosing.

Although they act on the skin but according to dermatologists, they do not provide lasting results. These remedies virtues against acne but they are only practical for superficial skin problems.

This is why it is always advisable to go to specialists and / or use of adapted products (such as Clear Skin Max) for skin problems more important.