Treatment of acne cyst
Types of cystic acne treatment

Types of cystic acne treatment

types of acne treatment2 main types of treatment: oral or local

Drugs are either local or oral, depending on the severity of the acne.

There are acne treatments that do not require a doctor’s visit but are only effective on mild acne.

If acne becomes a nuisance or it does not disappear despite these treatments, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

During your medical visit, it should identify the nature of acne lesions causes and seek to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

There are two types of treatments prescribed independently or in combination:

  • Local treatments
  • Oral treatments

The treatment results are not immediate. The number of buttons has even tended to increase at the beginning of treatment. It is therefore necessary to be patient and consistent in its treatment.

Choose the right treatment against acne

The choice of treatment depends on the severity of acne and its type (retentional or inflammatory).

Local treatments: for mild to moderate acne

Local treatments for acne are minor retentional: comedones, blackheads, micro-cysts.

They are prescription and come in the form of creams, gels or solutions:

Derivatives of vitamin a (retinoid) help eliminate blackheads and reduce inflammation

Local antibiotics (erythromycin)

Antiseptics (benzoyl peroxide)

These treatments can be associated with dermatological facials. They are made by a dermatologist and consist in extracting comedones and micro-cysts by microsurgery.

Oral treatments: for more severe acne

The oral treatments treat acne more severe, that is to say inflammatory forms extended or prolonged course.

There are three main treatments, prescription:

  • Antibiotics: they destroy bacteria in pimples and have an anti-inflammatory.
  • Oral isotretinoin (Accutane kind) very effective, it also has strong side effects and requires medical supervision important. It is prescribed in case of failure of a first treatment.
  • Hormone therapy (pill) for women, the hormonal contraceptive decreases the levels of male hormones, often responsible for acne.

Other treatments

Other treatments may be proposed by the dermatologist, if local or oral medications are ineffective.

– Zinc gluconate: it can be prescribed in cases of cons-indication, insufficient efficacy or poor tolerance of other oral treatments.

– Laser treatment for acne laser is a scalable alternative increasingly proposed for failure drugs, people for whom oral treatments have not worked, or stubborn scars.

– Photodynamic therapy and blue light / red that have an effect on bacteria.